Finding Motivation to Write

Oh how I lost my motivation for a while to write anything.  Mostly because I’d stared at the same story for months editing, re-editing, rewriting etc.  When does it all end?  The answer for me is that it doesn’t.  We as writers are the harshest critics of our own writing and we long for constant feedback so we can get that perfect balance.  I found my motivation to continue putting the final touches on my book by reading other’s work.

I found motivation when I was asked for feedback from another author and for me that simple act restored my eagerness to complete what I started.  Reading someone else’s work is a great way to step back and think about my own writing skills, make suggestions and even come up with new ways of presenting my story.  I like helping others and I want them to help me as well to be the best possible.  Getting together with others that love the same thing I do is inspirational and definitely is a way to keep moving forward.

So all  the authors out there who want feedback on their work – take the time to do the same for others.  It’s important, it feels great especially when the receiver thanks you and likes your input.  You will feel inspired.


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